St. Louis Kitchen Remodeling Design Trends

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Kitchen Remodeling Design Trends in St. Louis

As the premier kitchen remodeling contractor in St. Louis, we have first-hand knowledge of what clients are asking for. We also know what industry professionals are talking about, and what product manufacturers are coming out with.

Kitchen remodeling is in high demand right now in the St. Louis area due to the aging of St. Louis’ homes. Below, we outline some of the most in-demand design trends that we are personally experiencing.

Invert the Color Scheme on the Kitchen Island

A black and white kitchen showing kitchen remodeling design trends in St. Louis.
A kitchen remodel we did for a client in Manchester, MO.

Inverting the color scheme on the kitchen island is a phenomenal way to break the continuity in the kitchen. Doing so introduces a sophisticated, custom feel to the kitchen.

Take for example the kitchen we designed and installed for a client above. While the perimeter cabinetry features a black countertop and white cabinetry, the kitchen island features a white countertop and dark-brown cabinetry.

Make Use of Stained Cabinetry & Wood-Tones

A large, luxury kitchen with white countertops, white base cabinets, and a wooden hood and island.

We are seeing many clients grow tired of shaker gray and plain white. Those in St. Louis are requesting more color for their kitchen area.

One solution to this is introducing stained-wood or wood-tone products. Doing so adds a pop of color to the room. Wood-tone colors are visually-relaxing and can create a more tranquil atmosphere for the kitchen.

Incorporate Appliance Garages into Cabinetry Design

A dark-brown and white cabinetry kitchen.
A kitchen done for our client, featuring an appliance garage on the left.

An appliance garage is a built-in cabinetry accommodation for plug-in appliances. They are in high demand right now as standalone appliance popularity surges.

Appliances such as coffee makers, air fryers, and toaster ovens can easily be tucked inside of an appliance garage. Such garages typically have an outlet ran to the inside of the garage. They also feature a lift-up cabinet door that has a stay-up mechanism.

Include A Mosaic or Patterned Tile Stove-Top Backsplash

Kitchen Oven And Refrigerator With Sink
Another kitchen design & remodel of ours, featuring a patterned backsplash over the cook-top.

You can dramatically improve the appearance of your kitchen, and add some thrill to your cooking, by utilizing a mosaic or patterned tile cook-top backsplash.

Patterned, colorful ceramic tile used in trending St. Louis kitchen designs.
Patterned Ceramic Tile

Patterned ceramic and porcelain tiles have made a huge comeback in recent years. Their surface-level patterned design make it easy to incorporate a more sophisticated tile plan. Their standard tile size and ease of pattern creation keep labor costs low.

Make Cooking Easier With Pot Fillers

Pot Filler Above Gas Burning Stove In Kitchen
A Lake St. Louis Kitchen Remodel

Make use of that quality St. Louis tap water by installing a pot filler at your cooking area. With a pot filler, you never have to worry about carrying a heavy water-filled pot again.

Pot fillers can increase the labor cost of your remodel, as running a water supply line is labor-intensive. Nevertheless, the clients of ours that opt for one are absolutely thrilled with the result.

Place Some Open Shelving

Wooden open shelving in a small kitchen in St. Louis.

Open shelving is a stylish alternative to box-construction cabinetry. It can help a smaller space feel more open and inviting. Further, it offers a great spot for things such as plants and decor, and gives you the opportunity to show off elegant tableware.

It’s Getting Late, Let’s Conclude

We covered the most noteworthy kitchen design trends that we are noticing here in St. Louis. While we believe that kitchen design is subjective, as is any art, these trending kitchen ideas can give you the inspiration you need to start the design brainstorming process. We wish you the best of luck with your remodeling journey, and if you wish to work with a high-quality, yet affordable kitchen remodeler, we encourage you to reach out to us!

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Thomas Borcherding is a professional kitchen & bath designer, and a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA). He is the second-generation owner of Homestar Design Remodel, and takes great joy in providing those in St. Louis with high-quality, affordable home remodeling.