St. Louis Kitchen Remodeling Cost (2024)

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What Is the Cost of Kitchen Remodeling in St. Louis?

Kitchen remodeling here in St. Louis, let alone anywhere, is not a small endeavor. It requires substantial capital and a well-thought out design.

It is common to experience sticker shock when you learn about the cost of residential remodeling. Something that I find helps to process this information is the fact that remodeling is an investment, not a sunk cost. You will recoup some if not all, or even more, of your investment.

In fact, remodeling is one of those unique investments that you can enjoy and live in while it appreciates in value.

It can be hard finding a source that accurately explains the cost of kitchen remodeling, so I would like to share what we are personally experiencing as well as cover available data.

A luxurious, large kitchen remodel featuring pendant lighting and large format marble tiles.
A luxury kitchen remodel of ours.

What Does the Data Say About Kitchen Remodeling Cost?

While 2024 kitchen remodeling cost data doesn’t exist for obvious reasons, we can extrapolate the cost using 2023’s data and 2023’s inflation rate of 3.1%.

I have found that the most accurate representation of remodeling cost comes from Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report.

In 2024, homeowners can expect to pay roughly $80,400 for a major kitchen remodel featuring midrange fixtures. According to the report, this figure entails replacing cabinetry, installing a laminate countertop, adding custom lighting, adding new flooring, and brand new appliances.

Further, in 2024, homeowners can expect to pay roughly $160,000 for a luxury kitchen remodel. While this figure is accurate given what our clients tell us local St. Louis firms quote them at, we can perform luxury kitchen remodels at dramatically lower prices than this.

A kitchen remodel done for a client in St. Louis, MO featuring a reclaimed wood countertop and grey shaker cabinetry.
A major kitchen remodel performed by us, featuring a reclaimed wood countertop and a custom range backsplash.

What Kitchen Remodeling Prices Are We Experiencing?

The figures that we have discussed above are accurate representations of what other firms (not us) are charging around St. Louis.

We commonly hear from our clients that firms won’t come out and see them unless they plan on spending $80,000 to $100,000 minimum.

We personally are able to perform full midrange kitchen remodels starting at around $45,000. This includes quartz or granite countertops, new cabinetry, new fixtures, and new flooring.

For a full kitchen remodel with luxury materials and fixtures, we start at around $70,000.

Remodeling is the furthest thing from a commodity, and prices will vary widely from firm to firm. It’s for this reason that we recommend having at least 3 remodeling firms out to give you a quote.

Why Is Kitchen Remodeling So Expensive?

Cabinetry is one of the largest expenses when it comes to kitchen remodeling.

There is a shocking level of labor involved in creating cabinetry. Until you attempt to create your own custom piece of furniture such as a cabinet, it is hard to understand just how painstaking the process is to create a perfect finished piece.

Further, labor is another monumental remodeling expense. High quality tradespeople with a decade or more experience are able to demand high rates and are hard to find.

There are many trades involved. Some of the following are tradespeople required to complete a kitchen remodel: plumbers, electricians, rough carpenters, finish carpenters, tilers, and tuckpointers.

When you combine all material expenses with the cost of labor, the price of remodeling becomes understandable.

It’s Getting Late, Let’s Conclude

We covered how expensive kitchen remodeling in 2024 can be by extrapolating 2023 data using the rate of inflation.

It is a large investment, but you and your family should be able to create some wonderful memories in the space. A newly remodeled kitchen should make everyday more enjoyable and it should create a lasting sense of comfort.

There are many firms here in St. Louis that employ salespeople as opposed to designers, and it’s these firms that I encourage you to watch out for when meeting with companies as you attempt to select a firm for remodeling.

I hope that this article has been enlightening, and if you would like to receive a free design consultation and quote from us, please don’t hesitate to reach out! You can contact us by clicking here!

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Thomas Borcherding is a professional kitchen & bath designer, and a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA). He is the second-generation owner of Homestar Design Remodel, and takes great joy in providing those in St. Louis with high-quality, affordable home remodeling.