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Beyond Comparison Window Replacement In Saint Louis

Our custom made, expertly installed windows are state of the art, featuring record-breaking performance metrics, incredible durability, and stunning beauty. The following is a partial list of the options you can choose from with home replacement windows by Homestar:

– Low-E Glass
– Double & Triple Pane Glass With Argon or Krypton Gas Between Panes
– Trim Accessories Including Multiple Wood Species and Stain Options For Sills, Stops, and Jambs
– Single, Double, or Triple Strength Glass As Well As Laminated Glass
– Blinds – Between The Glass
– Custom Dimensions
– Custom Outside Colors and Multiple Inside Colors
– Multiple Architectural Shapes and Window Types
– Cladded Windows – Solid Wood Interior, Vinyl Exterior
– Decorative, Stained, and Tinted Glass

We have become known as the home window replacement source in the Greater Saint Louis area. This is due to our commitment to affordability, install perfection, and offering the best in the market, Provia.

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Backed By A Lifetime Guarantee

You can rest easy knowing that your investment is completely safe against any defects in material for as long as you own and live inside the residence in which the windows were installed. Furthermore, the warranty is transferable, meaning if you sell your home or transfer ownership, the subsequent home owner is also covered under the warranty, which further retains the value of your investment.

Your are also covered for a lifetime against glass breakage should your windows not be of the economy type offered by Provia. This coverage applies both to accidental damage within the home as well as manufacturer defects. In the event of either, your glass will be replaced free of charge for as long as you own and live in the home.

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No Sales Tactics

We uphold a down-to-earth, genuine interaction meant solely to educate you on the quality and value of the services that we can offer you. We distance ourselves far from sales tactics, such as high pressure sales, lies, drastic price cutting, and offers that are “only good until the end of day.” Instead, we come out to answer any questions you may have, showcase the products, and extend an estimate for the work you want done. Many people who have gone through the process of searching for a company to redo their siding, roofing, and other home renovation projects can describe awful experiences they’ve had with salespeople. Homestar Design Remodel is the furthest thing from this. Our goal is a wholesome interaction, leaving both parties with a warm feeling.

We hope that you will reach out to us so that we can share our remodeling passion with you by creating a beautiful space for you and your family.

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