6 Creative Bathroom Design Ideas (2023)

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What Bathroom Design Trends Are We Seeing?

As professional bathroom remodelers, we see firsthand what clients are desiring and what product manufacturers are coming out with. Bathroom remodeling ideas are constantly changing. People grow tired of the finishes that they grew up with. At the same time, they gain exposure to new, riveting ideas that the industry puts out. We explore 6 bathroom design ideas that we are seeing trend in the field.

1) Curbless Showers

A majority of our clients would prefer to have a curbless shower, as opposed to a curbed shower. In some European countries, curbless showers are so common that they aren’t considered a luxury. Here in the States, however, curbless showers are quite rare.

One thing is for sure: curbless showers are in high demand right now, and for good reason. It creates a beautiful, seamless feeling in the bathroom. It also is a great design consideration for clients with accessibility concerns, even allowing for wheelchairs to be rolled into the shower stall.

curbless shower example showcasing what a curbless shower looks like

2) Wood-Look Tile

Given the wet nature of bathrooms, using actual wood products is not viable. However, tile manufacturers have perfected what is called “wood-look” tiles. Typically made of porcelain, and sometimes ceramic, these wood-look tiles match the effect of wood both in terms of appearance but also texture.

Contemporary Europan Bathroom Remodel Done For Client

3) Floating Vanities

Floating vanities, secured to the 2x4s within the wall, help to create a beautiful aesthetic. Floating vanities carry with them significant advantages: 1) space for feet, so you aren’t leaning over as much, 2) ease of cleaning, and 3) a luxury feel to the bathroom.

Upscale Modern Luxury Bathroom Remodel

4) Wall-Mount Faucets

While you may incur slightly higher labor cost due to the plumbing involved in moving the supply lines up the wall, the look can certainly be worth it. With wall-mounted faucets and handles, you achieve a minimal, sophisticated feel to the bathroom. They also make cleaning far easier.

5) Wall-Hung Tankless Toilets

A wall-hung, tankless toilet is a toilet that actually features a tank, but it is hidden inside of the wall. Wall-hung toilets are secured to 2x4s within the wall, and sometimes utilize a cantilever. As you can imagine, wall-hung toilets make cleaning the toilet area a breeze. The tankless feature also adds square footage to the bathroom, as there is no water tank taking up the space.

6) Towel Warmers

Towel warmers absolutely spoil their users. With towel warmers, you can be treated to a spa-like experience every shower that you take. While hydronic towel warmers exist, most people opt for electric towel warmers due to the costly nature of the plumbing for hydronic ones. Towel warmers actually require a small amount of wattage, and seldom need their own dedicated circuit.

It’s Getting Late (Let’s Conclude)

We covered 6 trending bathroom remodeling ideas that we have personally seen grow in popularity. Bathrooms are becoming more and more custom as innovative products come out. These remodeling selections all add up, so it’s important to keep your budget in mind. We hope that this article has given you some design insight, and we wish you the best of luck with your remodeling project.

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