Ballwin, MO Kitchen Remodeling Permit Guide

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Everything to Know About Ballwin, MO Kitchen Remodeling Permits

As one of the leading kitchen contractors here in Ballwin, I know how complex and demanding the permit process can be. Hopefully by the end of this article you feel comfortable in navigating the permit process for kitchen remodeling in Ballwin, MO. Of course, if at any time you would like to receive a free design consultation and estimate from a local, professional kitchen remodeler, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

A luxury kitchen remodel done in Ballwin, MO. This kitchen features a black and white color scheme with wood-tone flooring.
A kitchen remodel done for our client in Ballwin, MO.

What Happens If I Don’t Pull Permits?

While permits are in place to protect homeowners from poor workmanship that could result in serious damage to home and life, not everyone agrees with the concept of permits.

Common grievances I hear from my clients regarding permits include: they don’t want to pay higher property taxes (your property value will be appraised higher upon final inspection), they don’t want to pay the associated fees, and they don’t want the government inside of their home to inspect it.

There are a few reasons that you may wish to pull permits:

  • The city finds out mid-remodel and issues a stop order. If this occurs, you will be ordered to halt work until the proper permits are pulled and inspections occur. Demolition may be required to inspect work that has already been installed.
  • When selling the house, the city of Ballwin must inspect it in order to obtain an occupancy permit required to sell. If you disclose that unpermitted work has been done, you will be required to obtain retrospective permits, and demolish the work in a way that allows for inspection. Occupancy permit inspections are visual only, and inspectors are not allowed to remove electrical cover boxes or enter the attic or crawl space.
  • Further, when selling the home, you must disclose in the seller’s disclosure that unpermitted work has been done in order to avoid liability issues in the future. This may increase negotiating leverage for the buying party.
A luxurious kitchen in Ballwin, MO featuring dark wood tones and marble tile.
A high-end kitchen remodel done for a client of ours.

When Do You Need Permits For Kitchen Remodeling In Ballwin?

Ballwin does not contract with St. Louis County for residential remodeling building code. This means that they posses their own requirements for when a permit and inspection is required. Below are cases when you will need to obtain a permit for your kitchen remodel.

  • Electrical Permit: Electrical panel modifications, new outlets, outlet upgrades, and new electrical lines require an electrical permit.
  • Mechanical Permit: Modifications to the kitchen hood require a mechanical permit and inspection. Cooktop downdraft systems will also require a mechanical permit. New gas supply lines also require inspection to ensure there is a shut-off valve on the branch line to the appliance.
  • Plumbing Permit: Replacement of the kitchen sink and dishwasher require a plumbing permit. More intensive plumbing changes than this will also require a plumbing permit, such as stack repairs, relocation of plumbing to fit within cabinetry, and modification of waste arms and traps.

How Do You Obtain Ballwin, MO Kitchen Remodeling Permits?

In order to obtain the necessary permits needed to complete your remodel, you will have to have your subcontractors apply for and obtain the necessary permits. They can do this by filling out and submitting the following permit applications from the city of Ballwin.

Upon approval, your subcontractors will be able to begin work. Rough work should not be covered up by drywall until the city has inspected it and given it the “ok.” A city inspector will have to return upon project completion in order to give the final acceptance of work.

It’s Getting Late, Let’s Conclude

There are several reasons to get permits for your kitchen remodel, most of which concern themselves with the sale of the home. Failure to get proper permits could result in a stop work order and the need to get retrospective permits. In this event, you will have to demolish the project to the point of being able to be inspected.

The most basic remodeling tasks require permits, such as installing an outlet or replacing fixtures such as a sink or a dishwasher. Whether or not you choose to obtain said permits are ultimately up to you, but remember that permits are there as an extra layer of protection against damage to home and life.

I hope that this article has answered your permit questions regarding kitchen remodeling in Ballwin, MO. If you feel the need to consult with a professional kitchen designer and remodeler in the Ballwin area, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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