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Manchester, MO Home Remodeling

Looking for a contractor that specializes in remodeling in the Manchester, MO area? We have developed a reputation for providing Saint Louisans with magazine-quality remodels at affordable prices.

Our exceptional services include kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, replacement windows, and exterior doors.

We’ll provide you with design drawings, which include floor plans, wall elevations, and tile plans. When necessary, these also include plumbing, electrical, mechanical, structural, and appliance plans.

Contact us today to get to know the level of care and quality that only comes by working with a smaller, locally-owned family company whose owners grew up in Manchester, MO.

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Manchester Trivia

Manchester, MO was actually named by an English settler after Manchester, England. The city has a history of over 200 years, and as a result has a plentiful collection of historic buildings.

Early explorers and settlers were inclined to build settlements in Manchester due to the Manchester Spring, a place of clear flowing water. In the early 1800s, a trading post was established on the location of the spring. A few years later, a tavern was erected next to the trading post. Following the tavern, an inn was built.

This collection of buildings was known as Hoardstown until its renaming to Manchester in 1825.

The city of Manchester’s motto is “A Proud Past, A Bright Future.”

Manchester, MO