Custom Cabinetry Allows Design Freedom

Compared to stock cabinetry options, custom cabinetry can make a night or day difference in your kitchen or bathroom. With stock cabinetry, you are restricted to specified dimensions, wood species, stains and paint colors, moulding details, door and drawer front designs, and end panel designs, among much more. It is important to note that custom cabinetry is only as good as the person who designed it. Below we list major benefits that come with choosing custom over stock.

Custom Dimensions

With the ability to adjust width, height and depth up to a sixteenth of an inch, custom dimensions offer a far superior design right off the bat than stock cabinetry does. By modifying cabinetry dimensions, you are able to design according to the actual dimensions of your space. This makes for a much more natural feel once installed than stock cabinetry’s awkward placement in a space that it wasn’t designed for. Furthermore, custom dimensions allow you to design cabinetry around your favorite appliances, ensuring snug fits and operational efficiency.

Modifications and Accessories For Your Lifestyle

Custom cabinetry can allow design options such as adding a cabinet door on the side of a hard to reach cabinet, or allowing easy access to items hidden in the depths of the cabinet. Other lifestyle options that custom cabinetry unlocks include custom countertop heights, custom wall cabinet heights, and integrated features such as utensil holders, trashcans, spice racks and pull-out trays.

Extensive Decorative Options

Perhaps the most impactful aspect of going with custom cabinetry is the ability to unlock endless decorative design options. With custom you’ll have the ability to customize the following features:

  • Wood species. Our cabinet line offers 12 different species of wood.
  • Wood finishes (stain, paint, glazes).
  • Door and drawer front edge profiles.
  • Finished interiors.
  • Finished end panels (with choice of custom moldings)
  • Custom toe kicks.
  • Choice of floating cabinetry installed via cantilever, as well as floating shelving.
  • Angled cabinetry (45-degree doors).
  • Decorative moldings: accents such as beading and other profiles that can be applied to doors, drawer panels, and end panels.
  • Crown molding and baseboards.

Construction Choices

Going with custom allows you to choose how your cabinetry is constructed. Typical construction options include the ability to choose between frames made of plywood or medium density fiberboard (MDF), and whether or not those frames are framed or frameless.

We hope we have made the benefits of custom cabinetry clear, and would like to emphasize that custom cabinetry is only as good as the designer behind it. We strongly encourage Saint Louisans to reach out to us to ensure they receive the highest quality and best design they can possibly receive.

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