Mother Of The Forest

Beech, or “mother of the forest,” as it is sometimes called, is a very underrated wood. Beech is a genus of 13 species of trees that can be found in Europe, Asia, and North America. Beech covers a large percentage of the eastern United States as well as southeastern Canada. As such, beech has found itself being used for a large amount of things, such as smoking food, aiding beer brewing, cabinetmaking, furniture, and flooring. Beech makes a great servant to a woodworker, as it has good workability. It adheres to glue well, takes a finish well, responds great to machine work, and can even be bent well. Beech’s Janka scale hardness score rings in at 1300. To put that into perspective, hard maple’s hardness score is 1450. Put differently, beech is similar to hard maple in terms of strength, making it a fairly hard wood.

beech grain example

Beech Tree Rings

What Does Beech Look Like?

Beech normally comes in a creamy off-white color with pink and brown hues found within it. The grain is very uniform and straight. To the touch, the texture is fine and even. Due to its very straight grain beech has earned itself a reputation as a safe choice when it comes to design. The grain is not likely to offend a viewer, but this very characteristic is why the wood hasn’t gained much steam when it comes to stained wood meant to make a statement.

beech example

Natural Beech With A Flat Sheen

stained beech

Stained Beech Showcasing Its Straight Grain

Beech makes a great wood in anyone’s home. It is hard enough to offer a lengthy longevity, and its straight grains are a great way to bring wood into the home without being offensive to the eye. We hope that we have answered some of your questions regarding beech. If you are in the Greater Saint Louis Area we would love it if you reached out to us. We would be more than happy to discuss your project, offer guidance, and potentially even work with you in remodeling your home.

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