The Front Door Is What Most People Notice First

By writing this we hope we are able to clear up some inaccurate data floating around the web regarding the cost of a new front door. After decades within the residential remodeling industry, we have identified the most accurate, and trustworthy, source of residential remodeling data. Remodeling has proven themselves to be the hardest working authority when it comes to gathering and disseminating data concerning the cost of residential remodels, among other things. They survey homeowners, ask the right questions, verify, and in turn we are able to see just how much a specific project in a specific region costs.

Get On With It. How Much Does A New Front Door Cost?

In order to get the most probable figure, we had to apply a 10% increase to the 2021 historical data. The purpose of this is to account for the large amounts of inflation seen in the end of 2021. We personally have seen vendors increase prices by 10-15%, so we are veering on the optimistic side. That being said, for a new front door of the steel variety, a homeowner can expect to pay $2,254. This factors in the cost of installation. We personally do not recommend steel due to its lack of energy efficiency, unless of course it is filled with insulation. Even then, it will not be as energy efficient as a fiberglass door. For which, a homeowner can expect to pay $10,739. This figure accounts for the replacement of the front door as well as two sidelites.

These are not small numbers. As such, we recommend going with an experienced firm with a proven track record, such as ourselves. Homestar Design Remodel has helped countless people with their remodeling projects, and we’d love to help you too!

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