New Replacement Windows Will Greatly Improve Your Energy Efficiency

In an attempt to help steer homeowners towards high quality information, we present to you data collected from Remodeling. After decades within this industry, we have found Remodeling Magazine to be the authority when it comes to mass aggregation of remodeling data. The data, called the Cost vs. Value Report, consists of actual homeowner responses, categorized by project type and also project location. This in turn tells us how much a specific remodel in a specific city will cost you.

So, What Does It Say About Replacement Windows?

In order to get the most likely figure, we had to apply a 10% increase to the 2021 historical data. The reasoning for this is to account for the large amounts of inflation that we have seen in the end of 2021. We personally have seen vendors increase prices by 10-15%, so we are veering on the optimistic side. The following information assumes a replacement of ten 3×5 double-hung windows, without replacing the existing interior trim. It also assumes a custom exterior color. In 2022, in the Saint Louis area, we expect a vinyl window replacement project to cost a homeowner $20,644. For window replacement of the wood variety, a homeowner can expect to pay $24,838. This is a large investment for a homeowner to make. We encourage you to seek out a competent and experienced remodeler, such as ourselves. We would love to hear from you and to discuss your project!

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