Everyone Loves an Easy to Clean Bathroom

If you hate cleaning and are about to embark on a bathroom remodeling project, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of design considerations from a professional bathroom designer that will make cleaning your bathroom far easier than the traditional alternatives. While we cannot guarantee that these methods will be inexpensive relative to their counterpart, they will save you great time and effort when it comes time to clean.

Wall-Hung, Tankless Toilet

While a tankless toilet typically isn’t actually tankless in the residential setting, it does appear to be that way. This is due to the tank being installed inside of the wall that the toilet is fitted against. This eliminates having to clean the splash and dust collecting water tank component of the toilet. Furthermore, having the toilet being wall-hung makes it exceptionally easy to sweep and mop below the toilet, without having to deal with caulk lines where the toilet and tile meet.

Wall-Mounted Faucets

Contemporary Europan Bathroom Remodel Done For ClientWall-mounted faucets are handles that protrude from the wall itself, as opposed to the countertop of the vanity. This makes it extremely easy to clean your countertop, and prevents soap and other debris from caking around the bottom of your handles. We do not recommend wall-mounted faucets running through exterior walls, however, due to the possibility of the water lines freezing. Water lines that are at risk of freezing can typically have an electrical heater wrapped around them. This only applies, however, to lines that are able to be easily accessed, such as in the attic or unfinished side of a basement.

Linear Drain

A linear drain is simply a drain that runs in a straight line instead of a small circle. A linear drain makes it easy for any tool to access its grout lines, whereas a circular drain makes it hard for tools to get into the grooves.

Curbless shower

A curbless shower also eliminates unnecessary grout and caulk lines that interfere with a thorough cleaning. It also makes it easy for a mop or squeegee to seamlessly glide across the shower area.

Floating Vanity

Just like with a wall-hung toilet, a floating vanity, also known as a wall-hung vanity, makes it easy for cleaning tools to effortlessly glide across the bathroom floor. The result is a squeaky-clean bathroom.Upscale Modern Luxury Bathroom Remodel

Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles, such as a 24×48 inch tile, reduces the amount of grout lines and makes it extremely easy to simply wipe the front of the tile for cleaning. We highly recommend large format tiles, as they make great design choices regardless of whether or not you care about how easy it is to clean. They make any size bathroom appear large and reduce the eye’s load on multiple grout lines.

We hope these ideas have sparked some inspiration into your bathroom remodel brainstorm. If you are looking to work with a professional designer whose design will account for every 1/32nd of an inch within your space, then we strongly encourage you to reach out to us. Aside from professional designing, we can offer you expert installation and exclusive, best in market products for your bathroom. We would love to hear from you.

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